Allegheny Commons is a City Historic District
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Tree Tenders
Tree Tenders are trained volunteers who are authorized to care for small city-owned trees, both in parks and along streets, during Tree Care Days.  Anyone can become a Tree Tender by participating in a three-session course offered by the Friends of the Pittsburgh Urban Forest. During the course, tree experts will provide instruction on everything from tree biology to planting and pruning. Following completion of the course, Tree Tenders-in-Training participate in 8 volunteer hours (often at plantings in their neighborhoods) and a hands-on Pruning Workshop. learn more

Plant a Tree

Looking for a unique and green gift for your loved ones?  Give a living gift by planting a tree in Allegheny Commons. All gifts made to Allegheny Commons via the Northside Leadership Conference are tax-deductible, and will not only add to Allegheny Commons magnificent tree canopy, but will help to make a more effective urban ecosystem for generations to come. learn more

Photo Contest & Calendar

Participate in the Allegheny Commons 2013 photo contest. Friends, neighbors, and park visitors are encouraged to showcase their photographs and capture the natural beauty of Allegheny Commons throughout the seasons. Everyone is welcome to participate and the winning photos will be compiled into a 2014 calendar. In order to participate you will need to review the Rules, fill out an Entry Form and Photo Release Form.
Entry Form
Photo Release Form