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Welcome to Allegheny Commons
The Allegheny Commons Initiative provides advocacy, planning, fundraising and project management and serves as a liaison to the community and the City of Pittsburgh. We take a four-pronged approach to the park: 1) Design: Ensure that the park respects the historic continuum and is in top physical shape through capital improvements, landscape care and maintenance; 2) Program: Attract high quality events and programs into the park to serve residents, employees and visitors; 3) Promote: Create awareness and positive image of the park and the recreational and cultural opportunities in and around it; 4) Organize: Maximize staff, financial and volunteer resources.

Allegheny Commons Initiative
45 S 23rd Street
Pittsburgh, PA 15203


Commons Knowledge
The Commons Knowledge project is an innovative way for park users to engage with park features and trees. Take a stroll through Allegheny Commons and explore; while in the park scan the QR codes that appear at the map locations above to see historic images, watch videos and listen to audio stories about the park.

Commons Knowledge was made possible in part by the Sprout Fund.
Commons Knowledge